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As CEO you're expected to know everything

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We understand the problems you face as CEO...

Being a CEO is a thankless job, there are more scars than trophies. You must motivate yourself, your employees and partners no matter the financial obstacles and ensure the integrity of the business. Praise must always be distributed for great work and you personally accept all errors in strategy, judgment or performance. There are always a million things you can be doing as a CEO, and so you spend a lot of your time trying to figure out what is worth spending your time on.

Eliminate your problems, then your competitors

We created Employee Intelligence to help you identify and deal with the many problems you face. Why? Because your survival as CEO and as a business, is directly linked to the impact you have on your competitors, and the impact they have on you. If your attention and energies as CEO are diluted trying to ‘keep the house in order’ then your ability to harness the business to eliminate the competition will be decimated, and so eventually will your business.

Below are some of the deeper issues you face as CEO which Employee Intelligence will help you overcome...

The need for wider knowledge

As CEO you are the conductor of an orchestra. You don’t need to be able to play every instrument, but you need to understand what is happening in every section of your company. While your departmental and functional heads are experts in their divisions, you are the one that gets involved in the work of every department.

You take a broader organizational view than anyone else. The challenge is how can you attain an unfiltered, real-time, validated view of what is happening across your business?

Information overload

Too much of anything is a bad thing, especially information. At a time when you need wider ranging knowledge, the deluge of information is killing your personal productivity. Information overload creates a “self-perpetuating cycle” where you crave even more information.

Not only is there a loss in your productivity, but you also lose sleep and gain headaches. Information overload creates an environment where interruptions become the norm, constantly reducing concentration and creating stress.

Employee Intelligence will break the cycle and give you the information you need when you need it (and your sleep).

The battle for talent

Talent is what makes your business perform. You need to be assured as CEO that you have the best people in your business. The responsibility for hiring may reside with a recruiting function, but you need to know the right people and talents are present in your business.

Having too many people, the wrong people or losing the right people for bad reasons, all serve to disrupt the performance of your business. The consequences of such problems are always felt, their existence masked, yet the hidden financial impact on your bottom line is real and astronomical.

Employee Intelligence ensures you always have the right people in your business, and identifies the right people to get rid of.

Change and more change

As CEO, it used to be possible to understand at least the basics of your competitors’ business models, because most companies operated in a similar way. Today, however, firms are introducing new business models all the time. What’s more, technology seems to be changing every minute. That’s why it’s crucial for you to stay on top of industry trends and remain open and adaptable to change.

Knowing when to change your business is fraught with uncertainty, as is trying to understand if changes have been successfully embedded in your business.

Employee Intelligence tells you when you need to change your business, what you need to change, where you need to change, and how.

And this is how we help you solve these issues

Business is a cut throat game. Your competitors are circling like vultures, poised to rip apart the dead carcass of your business. Employee Intelligence bolsters your competitive advantage by getting your business fit to succeed.

We're your crystal ball into the future

It's difficult enough trying to forecast what will happen to your business in the next 7 days. Employee Intelligence provides a long term view into the likely scenarios which will impact your business. We even go so far as to suggest interventions which will help you deal with each scenario.

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Here's an overview of our products to help your business thrive


Vantage-Point is the ultimate evolution of business & employee analysis and development. It identifies and enables management of both business issues and employee development needs, and focuses skills development.


View-Point delivers actionable business intelligence by providing an objective measure of business health. More than just identifying symptoms, it uniquely determines the causes of Employee Disengagement.


Match-Point is an in depth personal assessment which determines an employee's propensity for personal development. It assesses an individual's ability to successfully complete training & development and apply their learning in the workplace.


Revolution enables quantification of competence of every leader in your organisation. It provides valuable data on an individuals performance that helps in career and development planning and ultimately impacts the organisations performance.


Touch-Point is an in development service to integrate the outputs from the Vantage-Point service, with real time customer feedback.


Aluminate uniquely assesses employees hired via Graduate entrant and recruitmant schemes. It reviews the contribution that each graduate is making to the business and determines if they and the business are gaining a profitable return from the relationship.

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