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Environmental Policy Statement

At Employee-Intelligence.com we make responsible choices with our technology and operations to drive sustainability excellence across our business. We do this by setting guidelines for how we manage and grow our business with the support of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers. The following highlights the commitments we've made to achieve the highest standards of sustainable business operations:


  • Invests in alternative work arrangements such as hoteling and flexable workspace that have financial, environmental, and employee benefits.
  • Evaluates the environmental profile of the furniture and fixtures we buy, favouring suppliers and products that have better environmental profiles.
  • Reduces office waste through expanded reduction, recycling, and composting programs.

Data Centres

  • Procures the most energy-efficient servers and equipment that meet our business requirements.
  • Explicitly includes environmental criteria - co-location providers' environmental policies and initiatives - in the consideration of new co-location facilities through the RFP process.
  • Include environmental considerations in renegotiated leases with our existing co-location providers, where possible.
  • Implement environmental monitoring tools to measure our use of power in our co-location facilities where possible.
  • Responsibly manages (reuses, recycles, properly disposes of) all leased and owned IT equipment at the end of their useful lives. For leased IT equipment, obtains written assurance from our major suppliers that the equipment is responsibly managed when returned at end of lease. For owned equipment, partners with a certified electronic waste vendor and obtains the same written assurance.

Travel and Events

  • Works with our travel suppliers to measure, analyze, and report business travel information, including Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Educates employees on the environmental impacts of travel and events and offers green tips, tools, and solutions via our internal website.
  • Engages our travel and event suppliers (hotels, conference centers, rental cars agencies) to share our environmental policy and identify greener choices for our travel and events.
  • Where relevant and appropriate and supported by the business owners, includes environmental considerations in our RFPs and contracts; shows preference to those suppliers that can meet our business requirements in environmentally preferable ways.
  • Reduces non-essential business travel where feasible through the use of technologies such as videoconferencing.

Supply Chain

  • Notifies our suppliers about our environmental policy and our expectation that they comply with all applicable environmental regulations wherever they do business.
  • Includes environmental criteria in our supplier selection process and gives preference to suppliers with better environmental performance (assuming they meet our business requirements).
  • Procures the most energy-efficient IT equipment, provided that it meets our business requirements; gives particular preference to products carrying reputable certifications or labels such as Energy Star or EPEAT.
  • Procures environmentally preferably office products, with a preference for products carrying reputable certifications or labels such as FSC.
  • Increases our sourcing of sustainable, healthier foods and beverages for our offices, with a preference for organically and locally grown products; minimizes packaging in the sourcing of our food and beverages
  • Where relevant and consistent with the above obligations, includes our environmental expectations in our Supplier Code of Conduct, master service agreements, and contracts.

Employee Engagement

  • Educates our employees about environmental issues and impacts, policy, and initiatives.
  • Provides our employees with tools and incentives to manage their environmental impacts, including helping them to reduce business and commuter travel.