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Employee Intelligence starts from within.

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Employee Intelligence isn’t just another company. To create cutting edge Business Intelligence demands leading edge experts from business and academia. We shine an intelligent spotlight on the future of your business, ignited from the spark of genius in our concept of Employee Intelligence.

Our senior team combines years of international business and industrial experience with renowned academia, creating a fusion of expertise that is unmatched and unstoppable.

Executive Team


Noel Ferguson

Managing Director

Noel Ferguson is the Managing Director of Employee-Intelligence.com, which was founded in 2003. Noel is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for Employee Intelligence™. He leads the design of Employee Intelligence's services and development of its core technology and infrastructure. Noel's experience includes senior and board roles in Organisational Development, Employee Engagement and Skills Development in multi-national corporations, covering both public and private sectors.

In addition to Organisational Development and HRM, Noel has a wide range of leadership and consultancy experience in IT/software development and marketing. Noel is a graduate of the Open University Business School having studied postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Business Administration.

A Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing and ranked in the top 0.1% of Leadership and Management experts on Social media, he is actively involved in developing the concept of Engaging Leadership and the factors which create a Leader with such calibre. These include the areas of authenticity, inspiration, communication, integrity, humanity, coaching and accessibility. Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / Website


Dr Karise Hutchinson

Director of Business Intelligence

Dr Karise Hutchinson is the Director of Business Intelligence. Karise brings expertise in the development of frameworks for business intelligence reporting to create competitive advantage. She is a member of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Peer Review College and holds the position of Chair of Marketing and Retail Special Interest Group at the British Academy of Management.

She obtained a PhD from the University of Ulster in 2005 and since has built a strong research profile in the area of business management, specifically addressing issues relating to business intelligence, with a non-exclusive interest in the Retail sector. This work has been published in leading journals including the Journal of International Marketing and Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development.

Her experience also includes working with business organisations of varying size and sectors via Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and British Academy funding. Her work also extends to national media and is a regular contributor to and analyst for broadcast media and print media in relation to Human Resource Management and Retail.


Dr Martin McCracken

Director of Organisational Behaviour

Dr Martin McCracken is the Director of Organisational Behaviour. Martin possesses expertise in the development of tools and frameworks designed to help understand effective people management.

He is the editor of 'Education and Training' and is a member of the editorial advisory boards of a number of influential journals such as 'Leadership and Organisational Development Journal', 'Team Performance Management' and 'The Journal of European Industrial Training'.

Martin obtained a PhD from Edinburgh Napier University in 2002 and has been actively researching issues connected to Human Resource Development / Management, Employability and Organisational Change.

He has published his work in a number of leading academic journals including 'Human Resource Management Journal', 'Human Resource Development International' and the 'European Management Journal', and has played a key role in carrying out UK research projects commissioned by (amongst others): the Department for Education and Employment; Sector Skills Development Agency and Leonardo Da Vinci Research Programme (EU).


Dr Andrea Reid

Director of Business Communication

Dr Andrea Reid is the Director of Business Communication. Andrea holds a BSc in Computer Science with Business Administration and PhD in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Queens University, Belfast.

Andrea brings expertise in Business Communications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), especially in the development of tools and frameworks for building enhanced interactions between employees in an organisation and improving relationships with customers.

She has industry experience in the development of CRM strategies/systems and research experience in CRM implementation focusing on employee behavior and attitudes in relation to CRM implementation.


Keith Ramsay

Director of Business Development

Keith Ramsay is the Director of Business Development. Keith leads the growth strategy for Employee Intelligence liaising with employers and clients. Keith also has a key role developing partnerships with our Human Capital Development Partners.

Keith's corporate experience crosses a number of sectors including retail, health, education and housing/regeneration. He was previously C.E.O of Customer First UK, the National Standard for Customer Service; prior to that, he was Director of Customer Services for Space New Living, a major housing provider in North West England.

He was also Head of Human Resources for Marks and Spencer having previously been Regional Manager and Divisional Training Manager for Scotland, North of England and Ireland where he was accountable for skills development and training solutions for 7,000 colleagues from Executive to General Staff level. Keith attained an MA from the University of Dundee.


Sara Challinor

Director of Partner Development

Sara Challinor is the Director of Partner Development. Sara is responsible for building and maintaining positive relationships with our Human Capital Development Partners and associates, identifying, acquiring and developing new channel partners and for developing the partner network.

Sara is also Managing Director of Scientiam Ltd, a leading Training Provider in The North West of England. Sara has enjoyed an extensive career in retail and further education with over 25 years’ experience holding key management roles in the commercial and education sectors.

More recently, she worked for The National Skills Academy for retail as National Manager, where she developed her expertise in National Skill Policy and a passion for the delivery of effective, high quality workplace-focused training. Sara was responsible for the strategic development of a network of 56 retail training centres UK wide. She has also commanded major positions in further education including West Cheshire College and private training providers.

What is Employee Intelligence?

We're the innovative company behind the concept of the same name. We're the people who created the ultimate evolution of Business Intelligence by integrating Employee Analysis, Organisational Metrics and Industry KPI's.