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Top Questions

Release of Employee Intelligence 2 (2018)

We are working hard, and on track to launch EI2 this winter. The Employee Intelligence system has been redeveloped to a responsive level. During November and December the site will start to transistion to the new look and feel, with enhanced features.

Support Status

During the transition to Employee Intelligence version 2 (EI2) the support staus will continue to be updated in real time. Check out the system status page, always available in the website footer bar.

Training for EI2

Employee Intelligence 2, will have increased feactures and functionality. Context sensitive help will continue to be available for registered users. We will also be announcing a number of training events to provide an overview of the new functionality. Keep an eye on the training section of Employee Intelligence for updates.

Release readiness & schedule

All customer data will be automatically transferred into the EI2 system. Existing customers will not need to do anything to become ready to use the system. When your data has been moved into the new system, will will inform you by email. The next time you log into Employee Intelligence then you will be automatically presented with the new version.

Technical Support

If you have any concernes or questions relating to the new (or previous) version of Employee Intelligence, feel free to contact technical support for immediate asistance. Log into your account as normal to access the helpdesk.

Featured Questions

We are conisdering using the Match-Point product for the first time to gauge selection for development. Can anyone share their experiences and employee reaction, having deployed it for the first time?

Georg Brown / Match-Point

I am trying to use the Industry Insights as the basis for input to our next strategic plan. What Employee Intelligence metrics do people find the most useful?

Elaine Albright / Competitor Analysis

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