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What is SaaS? Where is it? How is it used?

Even if you’ve never heard the term software as a service (SaaS) before, you know what it is already. You’ve probably used it today already. It’s everything from Google search to Facebook to Twitter.

What makes these SaaS? They’re all cloud applications, which means that most of the storage and processing takes place on computers, called servers, owned by Google, Facebook. Then, when you connect to them, you use a simple and common client (often a web browser) to access the service and interact with it. It often doesn’t matter if that browser is on a PC, Tablet, smartphone or any other kind of computer; SaaS makes the same cloud-based services available on a multitude of devices.

Software as a service is an alternative to the standard software installation in the business environment (traditional model) where a user has to build the server, install the application and configure it.

What makes SaaS so great?

It seems simple enough: do most of the application’s work in the cloud, then provide access through a web browser or thin client and you’ve got SaaS. So what makes SaaS powerful? Well, if you use YouTube or Craigslist, you already know. When everything is stored and processed on the cloud, thousands (or even millions) of people can interact with the same bit of information at once. While you’re liking your friend’s Facebook post in London, his friend in Sydney might be commenting on it.

And even better, software as a service means you don’t have to have a powerful computer to do truly powerful things. At Employee Intelligence, we’ve harnessed the power of SaaS to provide access to industry data that you could only dream of accessing if you had an on-premise solution.

What SaaS means for your business

From DropBox to Zendesk to Salesforce, SaaS is reshaping the way we all work. We all use dozens of applications for work, each seems more clunky and less useful than the last. Why can we load a viral video in half a second by googling “ketchup robot,” but can’t find an important e-mail from last week?

Employee Intelligence has spent the last two decades helping businesses run better. We developed both the concept of Employee Intelligence and the cloud based system, because we strive to integrate the power of human resources with every aspect of your business. The problems we face today require collaboration on a scale humans have never seen before, and it’s time for our tools to catch up to a globe that’s already connected.

Here's an overview of our products to help your business thrive


Vantage-Point is the ultimate evolution of business & employee analysis and development. It identifies and enables management of both business issues and employee development needs, and focuses skills development.


View-Point delivers actionable business intelligence by providing an objective measure of business health. More than just identifying symptoms, it uniquely determines the causes of Employee Disengagement.


Match-Point is an in depth personal assessment which determines an employee's propensity for personal development. It assesses an individual's ability to successfully complete training & development and apply their learning in the workplace.


Revolution enables quantification of competence of every leader in your organisation. It provides valuable data on an individuals performance that helps in career and development planning and ultimately impacts the organisations performance.


Touch-Point is an in development service to integrate the outputs from the Vantage-Point service, with real time customer feedback.


Aluminate uniquely assesses employees hired via Graduate entrant and recruitmant schemes. It reviews the contribution that each graduate is making to the business and determines if they and the business are gaining a profitable return from the relationship.